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A powerful and compelling brand is one of the most important assets of any company.

So much that over 59% of customers only buy from companies that they know and trust.

That’s why big companies like Amazon or Uber use marketing agencies to promote their brands on the internet and make millions of dollars in sales every year.

That is why we created Leo Barros Agency to help startups that want to scale their business quickly and become one of the top brands of their industry or niche.

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Our job is to help companies promote their brand to their targeted audience and drive thousands of new customers to their business every month.

We do this by creating a branding strategy that works for your business under any circumstance and helps you to:

  • Acquire new customers constantly
  • Gain more leverage over your targeted audience
  • Increase the value of your company in the public market

This is why so many companies use our branding services consistently and can grow their businesses on the internet, even during this quarantine.

If you want to know more about achieving your business goals and building a powerful brand to make your company successful, click here for a free consultation.


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Our branding strategy consists of finding leads for your business as quickly as possible and helping you become the number one option in your marketplace over the next few months.

To achieve this, we create a custom strategy for your business that allows your brand to grow exponentially about your competitors.

Here are the most important elements of our branding strategy that will help you build a powerful brand on the internet:


  • Brand Discovery

Discover what makes your company different from the rest and find the key elements that can help you build a powerful brand on the internet.

In this phase, we take a look at your company’s core values and find the strategic direction that your brand will take once we understand more about your goals and what you want to achieve in the long run.


  • Competitor Analysis

We analyze every competitor in your market and help you stay ahead of everybody in your industry or niche. This includes complete research on their current performance, brand reports for multiple platforms, and key elements of their branding strategy that you can use for your business.


  • Target Audience

Find your target audience on the internet and discover all the information you need about them by creating a buyer’s persona with detailed information about your customer’s lifestyle, income, interest, and more.

This service includes information on where they are located, what they are doing every day, and what they are searching for when they want to buy something on the internet.


  • Brand Voice

Discover the right voice for your brand and learn how to communicate with your audience across multiple platforms in 2021.

We help you find a brand voice that speaks to your ideal client and gives you better results when promoting your business to other groups of people outside your target demographic.

By having an original brand voice, your company will start improving its engagement with your customers and increase the positive response you get from every promotion or new launch in your business.


  • Brand Messaging

Create a branding message that resonates with your targeted audience and helps your company stand out from all of your competitors in 2021.

From your company website to your marketing campaigns, we produce every brand message you need to promote your business and convince customers to buy from you.


  • Customer Journey

Understand how your customer thinks and behaves in every step of the sales process and discover how to influence their decision about a particular offer you are promoting in your business.

No matter how many clients you have, we create a customer journey for each person who buys from your business.

Your company’s brand identity is what makes an amazing first impression on your customers and dictates if they want to know more about the product or service you are offering.

By having a strong brand identity, you will get the customer’s attention in seconds and place yourself as a successful company that wants to help other people with their business.

That is why many companies use our services to help them create their brand identity and make their business more relevant for their targeted audience.

Here are the most important elements that you need to have to develop a powerful brand identity:


  • Brand Name

Finding a good brand name can help your company become more successful in their industry and make customers remember your brand every time they need to buy a product or service on the internet.

That’s why we help companies create a brand name that identifies with their target audience and allows them to become one of the most popular brands in the marketplace.


  • Logo Design

Create a logo that makes your company stand out to your customers and helps build more brand awareness in your industry or niche.

Our services include everything from full logo design to the typography and colors that your brand will use in every marketing piece of your business.


  • Packaging Design

Get every branding element of your company ready for your customers and make them more interested in buying your products and services after the first look at your offer.

We help your company produce a package design that attracts the attention of everyone and turns many of your new prospects into potential buyers in a matter of seconds.


  • Brand Style Guide

Every company needs to have a brand guide that shows them how to market their business to their targeted audience and help them communicate with the same voice every time they sell something to their customers.

That’s why we help many companies create a complete brand guide where they can find all the marketing elements used to engage with their customers and other parties associated with their business.


  • Website Design

We help your company build an amazing website for your business that is fully optimized for the web and helps you rank on the number one page of Google Search in no time.

This service includes a completely responsive website that works on all mobile devices and the branding content necessary to keep viewers engaged for a long time when they visit your site.



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Every company needs to promote its brand on the internet to stay successful in 2021 and achieve better results than its competitors.

That’s why we created a marketing service that allows companies to grow their brand on multiple platforms and helps them make thousands of dollars in sales every single month.

Whether it is SEO, social media, or another form of marketing, we can help your company reach your targeted audience and become one of the top brands in your industry or niche.

Here are all the marketing services that we offer to companies that make between six or seven figures with our services:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is one of the most important aspects of your brand, and it is the #1 key to get more traffic coming into your website.

That’s why our SEO service helps companies to rank on the top pages of Google Search and allows you to target multiple keywords that your customers are using every time they want to buy a product or service that you are offering.


Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing can help your company reach thousands of buyers every single week and create a relationship between them and your business with the original content that we produce.

With this service, your company will build more brand awareness in your marketplace and generate more organic traffic for your business with each post that we make.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is the best way to communicate with your customers daily and promote your brand to potential prospects interested in your business’s products or services.

That’s why we help our customers build an email list of highly targeted leads that are filtered over time and help them grow their business sales by using automated email campaigns that convert on the internet.

With every one of our campaigns, we can turn many of your subscribers into loyal customers that consume your products consistently and support your business no matter what.


Paid Advertising

Our PPC campaigns are the fastest way to get qualified leads for your business and improve the ROI of every dollar you spend on the internet.

Using this service, you will be able to acquire leads obtained through a data-driven process where we split test the results and verify their conversion rate countless times before using it in your own business.

We manage everything from the online strategy to the management of your campaigns and the performance reports you get with all the information about your campaign.

Let us help your company build a powerful branding strategy for your business and improve the relationship with your customers in 2021!

We work with the best web design technology on the internet!

And many, many more.



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